Sheffield Financial

For well qualified buyers!

Do you want to make money with your Scag mower before you have to pay for it? You can mow for months without a single payment. Scag Power Equipment and Sheffield Financial offer a number of special retail finance programs* throughout the year that can greatly improve your profitability and cash flow. Once the complete application is received, a credit decision is usually made within 15 minutes.

- Sheffield Financial on-line credit application.
- Sheffield Financial printable credit application. (pdf file)

Scag Pro-V For Sale

Scag revolutionized the commercial walk-behind market in 1989 with the introduction of the dual pump, dual motor SWZ hydro-drive walk-behind.

Today, Scag has created yet another revolution in the walk-behind market. This is not a reworked pistol-grip design. It is truly an all new way to walk.

Imagine driving a walk-behind mower without having to squeeze any handles. Imagine little to no hand fatigue after hours and hours of use. Imagine this and so much more with Scag quality built-in every step of the way. This is the Pro-V®.

ProV studio-450