Go-Devil Surface Drive Boats

sdboathomeThe new Surface Drive Boat has many new and exciting features that will offer our customers the value-added feeling associated with GO-DEVIL® products. Specifically, the Surface Drive Boat features an extremely durable 1/8" thick, hardened marine-grade aluminum hull (5086) and a large open layout with compartments for dry storage. For added strength, "V" crimps have been incorporated into each side wall of the hull. Also, the new Surface Drive Boat has a large front deck which could accommodate a trolling motor for fishing or house gear in the optional below-deck storage compartment. The bow is pointed for maneuvering through tight conditions, such as flooded timbers. Seats are offered on a standard bench or on an optional split seat layout. Many other options are available on this boat to give it the customized look and feel that our customers demand. High Transom Models are available.

18x48SDBenchtopsmalloverlSurface Drive Boats are designed with maximum bottom surface area which creates more hydrostatic lift on the hull and thus allows the surface drive engines to perform at their best. The hull is equipped with tapered chines which provide the abiliity to slide of banks and obstacles. Longitudinal ribs provide maximum strength to the hull over logs. Surface Drive Boats track better at "low speeds" compared to the Duck Hunting Boats.

Go-Devil Duck Hunting Boats For Sale.

dhb1GO-DEVIL® hunting boats are designed and built with the duck hunter in mind. Key features make this boat perfect for all shallow water environments. It includes an aluminum floor installed with nonskid surface, a slick bottom with no keels to hang up on obstructions, round chines to roll off stumps, logs and ditch banks, and a double angled transom for pushing backward in mud and stumps. These boats will not slide in turns like conventional square chine flat bottom Jon boats. A handle bar to hold on to while navigating through rough terrain as well as Perko® running lights are standard on all models. All of our hunting boats have flotation in the bow and side panels that meet Coast Guard standards. High Transom models are available.

16x48SDBenchtopsmall copyDuck Hunting Boats were designed to mimic an alligator's bottom side - slick with no corners! These boats outperform all other boats when used in timber laden swamps or narrow ditch environments. The nature of the slick bottom and rounded chines allow the boat to roll off of obstructions or banks. Some wonder if the rounded hull design causes the duck hunting boats to slide in fast turns. Actually, the opposite occurs. The rounded chines allow the boat to grip and bank during fast manuevers. The Duck Hunting Boats tracks better at "high speeds" compared to the Surface Drive Boats. The duck hunting boats are equipped with longitudinal ribs that provide superior stiffness over obstructions. There are no rivets or vee crimps on the bottom of the hul to bust or hang up. The layout of the duck hunting boats provide maximum storage capacity for dogs, decoys, and all of your hunting equipment.

Go-Devil Engines For Sale

27hpsmallMud, stumps, rocks, nothing stops a GO-DEVIL®. Its reputation for unparalleled dependability and service has put a GO-DEVIL® in every state and province of North America. Since 1977, duck hunters, sport and commercial fishermen have experienced access to areas that no other marine engine can deliver with total confidence . Confidence that comes from over 33 years of research and testing in hostile conditions such as heavy vegetation, mud trenches, cypress swamp and rock-laden rivers. It's been called "The Four-Wheel Drive" of marine engines. 






20hp HONDA


22hp HONDA