RHINO GPD-40 Fence Pro Post Drivers For Sale

rhino gpd 40 fence pro driver 2
rhino gpd 40 fence pro driver 1
The RHINO® GPD-40 FENCE PRO™ is engineered to deliver more power to drive larger posts, The design includes a 2-1/2″ chuck equipped with RHINO® Chuck-Lok™ Adapter Technology. This innovative post adapter system increases driving efficiency by aligning post to optimum striking position, prolongs tool life, and provides flexibility to quickly adapt to different post sizes in the field. The Fence Pro comes with 2″ adapter. Optional 1″ adapter is available.

The GPD-40 Fence Pro™ is the perfect tool for post driving tasks across several industries such as erosion control, agricultural, livestock, professional fence contractors, sign installation, rental tent installation and many more.


Ingersoll Aluminum Deck Mowers For Sale

2014 05 19 10.15.50
SPX 21-Z  with Kawasaki 6HP Engine

Ingersoll's new 21" commercial mower is "Engineered to Perform."  It offers superior cutting and bagging capabilities:
cast-aluminum deck equipped with edge guards.


Concrete Surface Cleaners For Sale

Concrete Surface Cleaner and Driveway Cleaner

Special application areas:

  • Removing leaves, deposits, moss, algae, dirt and grime from warehouse floors, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts, sidewalks, fishing docks, and loading docks
  • Eliminating dirt masses from asphalt and concrete surfaces

Advantages of the concrete surface cleaner / water brooms:

  • Even and fast cleaning
  • Easy to operate
  • No operator fatigue
  • No zebra stripping on surface
  • Universally applicable

$779    - all aluminum 24"

$849    - all aluminum 30"

Genie & Skyjack Scissor Lifts For Sale

Skyjack Lifts

5J4632 2008 Model
Explosion Proof, Scissor Lift, 3 hours.

Genie Lifts. 

GS2646 Scissor Lift
2006 With 10 Hours, new batteries.